Citizen of the World

Written by  Karen Megarbane

Hi everyone, Karen Megarbane, here. You could say that I was naturally brought up for a career in international development and sustainable tourism. Different cultures, traditions and languages have always fascinated me. By the time I was seven years old, I could speak three languages and had already traveled to over twenty different countries. I was quickly becoming a citizen of the world. This global feeling continues to grow, as does the number of counties I have visited. (That is me in The Bahamas below). By the time I am thirty, I plan to have visited all the continents—the only two remaining on my list are Australia and South America.


Growing up in Syria with multicultural roots and voyaging through most of Europe, traveling has always been an important aspect of my live and an obvious career path. As I plan to expand my career in International Development and capitalize on my undergraduate degree in Marketing from American University, joining the Undiscovered Travel Collection became an obvious choice.

I was immediately drawn to the diverse members of The Collection. Each destination, lodge and community represent different corners of the world, but they share the common thread of authenticity and offer visitors a one-off travel experience that they could find no where else. In addition to providing patently local encounters, the travel industry members who make up The Collection strive to conserve and improve their surrounding environments and communities.

Can’t wait to cross South America off my list, so I hope to see you in San Miguel del Bala!


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