A Life Well Traveled

Written by  Michelle Rasper

When someone asks me where I am from, I cannot really say one place. I rattle off a list of countries and states, it is almost easier just say that I am from D.C. I have lived abroad for over a quarter of my life. In a sense, I have spent my life traveling and it drives a major part of me today.

I live to explore international destinations and learn about the various cultures (that is me in Vietnam pictured below). I seek out those exclusive offerings I can only experience onsite.  Recently, I have been interested in returning to various destinations that I have not visited in approximately 10 years.  By doing so, I can see how much that country has changed and been influenced by Westernization and globalization.

These experiences have permitted me to bolster my skills to interact with people from various cultures and have fueled my passion for the greater tourism industry. There are so many amazing tourism destinations, many of which are still undiscovered to me, that will lead me to the discovery of a new part of myself and the world.

I hope you find something Undiscovered in The Collection as I plan to share these unique experiences with enthusiastic travelers like me and you.

-Michelle Rasper

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