Uganda’s Sustainable Tourism Media Awards a Success

Written by  Michelle Rasper

Uganda’s Sustainable Tourism Media Awards Gala took place on September 16, 2011 to much fanfare. The Awards Gala honored journalists from various local newspapers, television and radio stations for their responsible coverage of tourism and conservation related issues in Uganda. The awards recognized three categories: print, radio, and television broadcast. Awards were presented to the winner and two runner-ups in each category. Our partner STAR highlights various organizations who were involved in making this evening a success.

The journalists and media outfits submitted over 160 articles that highlighted Uganda’s tourism treasures through the promotion of responsible travel and coverage. Many articles showcase tourist attractions and cultural experiences that Uganda has to offer. A collection of community based tourism enterprises, the Pearls of Uganda offers authentic cultural encounters and experiences throughout Uganda; some which are located in or near key destinations or attractions.

Another hotspot mentioned in Uganda, Queen Elizabeth National Parks is one of most popular and scenic National Parks in Uganda. The park has a variety of accommodations that will appeal to all audiences and their budgets. Visitors to the park can participate in chimp tacking, game drive, or boat cruise expeditions. Communities surrounding the park share awareness of their local culture through music, dance, drama and crafts. Additionally, there are ample opportunities for bird watching in this location and throughout Uganda.

We hope that you too will soon discover Uganda.

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