Namibia Gets Discovered

Written by  Karen Megarbane
Namibia Gets Discovered Namibia's Camel Thorn Trees

Announcing a Discovery Alert—a member of our Undiscovered Travel Collection—Namibia was featured on the Today Show! This week Today Show Host Matt Lauer surprised viewers when he kicked off the Today Show’s “Where in the World is Matt Lauer” series skiing down sprawling sand dunes in Namibia’s Namib Desert. His vivid expose of the country featured an array of compelling attractions such as the region’s famous Skeleton Coast where the Atlantic meets the desert and adorned with whalebones and shipwrecks. He also explored the country’s stunning array of native species such as the rare desert-roaming elephants, and experienced the culture of the indigenous cattle-herding Himba tribe, that make up some of the worlds only remaining nomadic peoples.

During the NBC series, it was clear that Matt was awestruck by the country, its breathtaking culture and landscapes. He raved about how Namibia was one of the only destinations were conservation was a component of the country’s National Constitution, which filters down into tourism policy. He also was sure to mention that the country was one of the most amazing places he has visited in the last ten years. Click here to see The Today Show’s coverage of Namibia.

Namibia is not only one of the newest additions to The Undiscovered Travel Collection, but the Namibia Tourism Board just so happens to be our parent company, Solimar International, clients. Solimar International has been working with the Namibia Tourism Board to carry out an innovative, online trade-focused marketing campaign to increase the country’s overall presence in the North American travel industry. To learn more about Solimar’s work with Namibia click here.

I’ll see you skiing down Namibia’s sand dunes!

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