Discovery Alert! Guardian Travel Readers Recommend Pampa Estancia!

Written by  Karen Megarbane

I was not surprised when Pampa Estancia was listed by Guardian Travel readers as one of the best ranch experiences in South America. Run by Lipiko Tours, one of our collection members in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia, Pampa Estancia is a fantastic tour that literally fulfills the childhood dream of millions: to be a cowboy for a week! So for all you kids out there who dreamed of ridding off into the crimson sunset, lasso in hand, this is your chance to realize this fantasy with a little Bolivian twist!

The tour’s natural setting in Bolivia’s Reyes pampas region wedged between the famous Amazon rainforest and the undulating Andes mountains is a major draw for visitors on its own. Couple this magnificent setting with an authentic ranch-immersion experience, and you have one rip-roaring good time. Attendees spend a few days living in a traditional Bolivian ranch house with vaqueros, Bolivian cowboys, and accompany them during their daily duties such as rounding up and milking the cows, or preparing traditional meals in a clay oven—that visitors enjoy after.

In true cowboy form, visitors horseback ride through “uncharted territory” in pampas and discover hidden lagoons and a swathe of diverse wildlife like capybaras, wildcats and tapirs. In addition to this cowboy experience, Lipiko tours is participates in Rurrenabaque’s Green Action best practices program, which only reinforces its commitment to running a responsible business and the conservation of cultural and environmental resources. Visitors can feel good that their tour is not only offering a authentic and memorable cultural experience, but it is simultaneously benefiting the surrounding local economy and minimizing its impact on the environment—and that is what The Undiscovered Travel Collection is all about.

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