Another Discovery Alert! NatGeo Traveler lists the Namibia Coast as one of the best winter trips for 2012

Written by  Jackson Stubbs

Who says winter vacations have to involve snow? National Geographic Traveler recently listed the Namibia Coast as one of the top ten destinations for a winter getaway in 2012, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find any snow there. From the world’s highest sand dunes to lagoons filled with migratory and seabirds, Namibia’s 976-mile South Atlantic coast has something for everyone. November to April is summer in Namibia and is the best time for anyone to visit, not just those freezing their behinds off up north.

The meeting of the Namib Desert and the South Atlantic’s Benguela current make for a cool, comfortable, foggy environment that has been largely unexplored. Take a fly-in safari to get a bird’s-eye view of the northern Skeleton Coast, a remote protected area where one can see shipwrecks and whale skeletons in a sea of sand, or take special guided tours of Namibia’s newest—and practically inaccessible—national park, Sperrgebiet, situated along the southern Diamond Coast. This park has the highest level of biodiversity in Namibia, which is saying quite a lot for a country possessing a plethora of flora and fauna known for adapting to harsh conditions.  It is also the location of the famous De Beers diamond-mining lease.

While this coastal desert is a naturalists’ dream, it also has great activities for all you adventure tourists out there. Sand board down the towering dunes, kayak in Walvis Bay lagoon and see flamingoes, seals, and dolphins around Pelican Point, or go deep sea fishing out of ports such as Swakopmund and Lϋderitz. Namibia’s numerous tour operators, located in all major cities, will help you plan your trip.

Namibia’s dedication to ecotourism means that whatever activity you choose to do during your coastal vacation, you are contributing to the conservation of the country’s natural wonders and to the preservation of the cultural heritage of the people who help you experience them. This sustainable, responsible tourism is what we here at the Undiscovered Travel Collection are all about, and we hope you consider Namibia’s Coastal Desert for your next winter trip!

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