Meet Stephanie McMahon

Written by  Stephanie

Hi all,

Greetings from one of the newest additions to Solimar's Undiscovered Travel Collection team. Having grown up with a German mother, I started traveling at an early age. Although my trips tended to have the same destination—Frankfurt to visit my mother’s family—I realized that travel generated such in an excitement in me, incomparable to anything else, and that I never wanted to stop exploring the world.

In my opinion, travel is the most engaging and effective way of learning, which brings me back to the Undiscovered Travel Collection. Working with destinations to sustainably develop tourism products not only creates an unmatchable learning experience for visitors, but also supports the local environment and culture by enabling sustainable economic growth.

As adventurers of the world, supporting such sustainable tourism initiatives allows for the most enriching travel experiences of all, which is why without further ado, I invite you all to discover the undiscovered.

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