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Written by  Stephanie

Here at the Undiscovered Travel Collection, we make it our mission to represent tourism products that preserve the local environment and culture while providing sustainable economic growth. There are no better examples of such a product than the Katwe Salt Lake and Katwe Village Tours.

Since the 16th century, Katwe villagers have depended on the salt lake as a primary source of income. Villagers spend their day alongside the lake’s milky waters, harvesting salt to then be sold to traders across Uganda. Not only does this difficult process allow for the survival of the Katwe villagers, but it is also extremely fascinating and educational for visitors, hence the creation of the Katwe Salt Lake Tour. Furthermore, all funds raised from the tour provide an alternate source of income for the Katwe community, enabling the creation of unique networks of paths and huts to support the hundreds of workers on the lake.

Located in the village neighboring the lake, the Katwe Village Tour gives visitors insight into the daily life of a Katwe inhabitant. Visitors are invited to interact with locals, be introduced to regional cooking methods (traditional Ugandan food made over an open fire), purchase local crafts, and even enjoy a trip to the local school. This tour is a unique travel experience that truly allows visitors to give back while enjoying an authentic travel destination—profits from the tour support environmental and health awareness campaigns, as well as older residents who are no longer able to mine salt.

We invite you to further research these tours, as well as welcome any questions.


For a video showing the salt mining process on Lake Katwe, please see:

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