At Undiscovered Travel Collection ecolodge San Miguel del Bala in Rurrenabaque, Bolivia, recent guest Grace left with a lot more than just a cool jungle experience -- she left with an engagement ring from her boyfriend Ben as well! As chronicled in their blog, "The Fish Tales," after finishing "the best three days ever" at San Miguel del Bala, the couple returned to Rurrenabaque and with the sun setting over the Beni river, Ben proposed, and Grace accepted. Congratulations to the newly engaged couple!

Read the full story (with some great pictures) here:

The Secoya Eco-lodge, located deep in the Ecuadorian jungle and owned by the local community, has just been renovated and is now open for business! The lodge offers a completely unique insight into the way of life of the Secoya people, mixing the natural wonders of the forest with the rich Secoya culture. Learn more at!

Great news for all the bird enthusiasts out there! A brand new, comprehensive site on birding in Uganda was launched last week from partners of The Undiscovered Travel Collection, Uganda is renowned for having two of the top ten birding spots on the African continent: Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Murchison Falls National Park. On the site you can learn about the literally 1000's of unique and exotic birds in the country as well as how to easily plan a trip to see them all.

An incredible new music video was released by Aziz Azion, featuring the Mwambe Children's Choir, which shows all of the amazing attractions that Uganda has to offer. Take a look!


As you may have heard, the innovative new Pearls of Uganda program is reinventing community-based and culturally-rich tourism in Uganda. So what exactly do the Pearls of Uganda represent? A new video tells the story:

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