The Bolivian eco-lodge San Miguel del Bala is one of the Undiscovered Travel Collection’s most successful stories far had been for. Since the Undiscovered Travel Collection launched the lodge’s campaign business has vastly improved. San Miguel del Bala has received more guests and increased overall profits, which means earnings within the community have also gone up. While the campaign’s benefits are apparent in Bolivia, this case is also a stand out among the collection and a benchmark for the success of our other campaigns.

Although the San Miguel del Bala campaign was launched independently, it is also part of the Undiscovered Travel Collection’s Green Action: Sustainable Tourism Certification program in Rurrenabaque. A long-time favorite among backpackers, Rurrenabaque is just starting to emerge as a sustainable tourism destination. The Green Action certification program is leading the way in educating tour operators on developing more responsible business practices while mitiaging the negative effects of tourism on the environment and preserving the local culture.

Now that several accommodations passed Green Action’s requirements the Program and Rurrenabaque is about to launch its new website, the Undiscovered Travel Collection is ready to launch a new marketing campaign for Rurrenabaque. It will follow a similar campaign strategy to San Miguel del Bala, but this time it will be marketing a destination rather than a single lodge. Make sure to like our Facebook page so you are one of the first to see the new destination Rurrenabaque website!

Hey I’m Sydney! The Undiscovered Travel Collection’s lone Latin America Marketing Coordinator and self-proclaimed travel addict. I was bitten by the travel bug in my early teens when I decided traveling and seeing the world was all I wanted to do, and announced (to anyone who would listen) that I planned on eventually studying abroad for a year.


It was during my studies abroad when I began to think of tourism as a means of economic development. Seeing both good and bad examples of ecotourism made me realize its potential for job creation, environmental conservation, and economic sustainability. The experience taught me that tourism—when implemented correctly—can benefit the greater community and the environment as a whole, not just me as the tourist. Similarly, I realized that setting up tourism according to ethical, economical and environmental sustainability guidelines is not always easy.

When I look at the destinations and accommodations within The Undiscovered Travel Collection, I see an assortment of places that meet my personal expectations of what characterizes responsible tourism. I didn’t think it was possible to make my travel wish list any longer—because it was too long to start with—but it has grown exponentially since I joined the team! As travelers and tourism operations become educated in responsible tourism I think the industry will change for the better, and I’m so excited to be a part of it!

I invite you to start exploring The Collection on your own and add to your travel wish list!



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