The Undiscovered Travel Collection functions as both a networking and marketing tool for emerging destinations, eco-lodges, tour operators, community-owned business enterprises and niche local brands, working with clients to evaluate, design and implement the most effective and appropriate marketing strategy for each enterprise. Emerging destinations and small tourism enterprises often struggle to reach their target markets effectively. The Undiscovered Travel Collection works with clients to get them on the radar of the international tourism industry. This is accomplished by:

  • Presenting destinations in a manner that captures the imagination of the target market (travelers) and travel industry by providing creative, interesting content;
  • Highlighting best features and offerings of a destination, through niche brand marketing, such as “Birding Uganda;”
  • Showcasing local businesses and enterprises making it easy for the target market to imagine specific accommodation and activities;
  • Connecting destinations and target markets to local enterprises, making it easy to organize and book trips/tours;
  • Evaluating clients’ current marketing strategy;
  • Promoting brands on the Undiscovered website, as well as other Undiscovered Collection materials;
  • Providing linkages to Destination Marketing Organizations, tour operators, and travel agents all of whom are looking for sustainable tourism offerings, via the Undiscovered network; and
  • Expanding outreach through Web 2.0 strategies (social media, search engine optimization, blogs, etc).

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