Dogon Trail

dogon-country, Africa, Mali, Dogon, trails, country, tour, operator, accommodation, UNESCO, world heritage, culture, nature, sustainable









dogon-trail, Africa, Mali, Dogon, trails, country, tour, operator, accommodation, UNESCO, world heritage, culture, nature, sustainable

 Time spent in Dogon Country is an unparalleled experience of cultural immersion and ecological discovery.

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, Dogon Country is a mysterious world of beautiful rolling plains, sandstone cliffs, and pink and orange sand dunes. Trekking through onion fields, Baobab trees, and redrocks, one may encounter sacred crocodiles near Amani village as well as jacana and youyou birds among the trees and bushes sprouting medicinal herbs. The stunning natural landscape is criss-crossed by ancient walking trails, dotted by villages with architecture that seems to have jumped out a storybook.

Against this astonishing backdrop exist the storied people who call Pays Dogon home. Throughout a trek on the Dogon trail, visitors explore this legendary West African culture, touring the 20 villages dispersed throughout the region. Known for breathtaking art, colorful masks, astronomical savvy, ancient rituals, and awe-inspiring dances, visitors will be blown away by the distinct traditions of the Dogon people. Guests will witness one of the most impressive performances in the world: the exhilarating blend of drums, song, and spiritual dance. An experience in Dogon Country captures the heart of Africa, and stays with the visitor for years to come.

Making a Difference:

By creating sustainable travel options, Dogon Country aims to raise the standard of living for local people, while conserving the distinct environment and sense of tradition that make the region so special.

The community is currently working on establishing the Dogon Travelers Donation Fund, through which guests will be able to contribute to community projects including the purchase of school supplies, support for farmers, and environmental conservation efforts including dune stabilization. A tourism experience in Dogon Country contributes directly to the economic stability of a community, increases environmental and cultural understanding, and provides a unique educational experience for all who are involved.

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