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dominica-waterfall, Caribbean, Dominica, Community Tourism, development, support, sustainable tourism, rural, destination marketing

Community Tourism Dominica seeks to bring the unique culture and nature of Dominica directly to visitors through hikes, classes, community activities, and other incredible experiences.

In the diverse communities of Dominica, you can hike rainforest trails to rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and spectacular sea shores, snorkel, river tube, explore the rich cultural heritage, take Creole cooking lessons, witness locals making Kalinago crafts, or soak in a natural hot pool. Community tourism Dominica can link you to all of these experiences and more, including organizing tour packages with a wide range of activities. Find out why Dominica is called the ‘organic island’—the diverse communities and natural landscapes offer something for everyone. Community Tourism Dominica also works with its partners in the tourism industry provide technical assistance in order to strengthen important tourism institutions.

Making a Difference:

Community Tourism Dominica supports economic diversification and the development of alternative economic activities through sustainable tourism and niche market strategies. The organization's objectives largely include increasing competitiveness in the region by creating a proactive development management program and providing technical support for emerging sustainable tourism institutions, especially in the rural sector. Using partners such as the Ministry of Tourism Dominica, community enterprises in Dominica can successfully link destination marketing with technical advisory services and rural tourism development to stimulate regional economic growth and viability.
Visit the Community Tourism website as well as the individual websites listed below for tour details, special offers, overnight packages and upcoming events.

Featured Tours:

Organic Farms Tour

Bellevue Chopin, high in the southern part of Dominica, is a must for those interested in agriculture and organic farming. Visitors will visit a number of farms, where they can explore herbal gardens and experience organic farming first hand.



Beach & Waterfall Tour

Situated along the West Coast about a 30 minute drive from Roseau, Mero known for its beauty dark-sand beaches that span the coast. This tour is more than just exotic beaches, visitors will discover other parts of the area, including a waterfall, a “bat cave,” and Dominica's leading rum distillery.



River Fun & Lake Tour

The village of Layou is at the mouth of the Layou River, Dominica's longest river. This community's tour showcases the depth of the beautiful river valley. Visitors can kayak, river tube, visit the adventure park, and then soak in the breathtaking Miracle Lake.



Indian River & Historic Cabrits Tour

Dominica’s second largest city, Portsmouth has a beautiful natural setting with sweeping views of the region. Enjoy the idyllic and serene Indian River tour or visit Fort Shirley at the historic Cabrits. End your tour with a swim at one of the island's most popular beaches, the Purple Turtle Beach.



Creole Cooking & Gardens Tour

The village of Eggleston and Giraudel are on the slopes of one of Dominica’s highest mountains, which makes it a perfect location for growing fruits and flowers. Discover the community gardens, and sample the farm-fresh food grown and produced locally.



Natural Spa ~ Hot Pools Tour

Wotten Waven in the Roseau Valley is literally a hot bed for volcanic activity. Natural therapeutic pools and baths can be found throughout the village. Enjoy a rejuvenating soak in Dominica’s volcanic hot springs followed by dining on local cuisine at a nearby restaurant.



The Lakes Experience

Lakes and rivers abound near the village of Laudat, high in the mountains of Dominica’s rainforest. Enjoy Dominica’s tranquil beauty while kayaking across the lake, bird watching, or trekking through the rainforest. Swim in the natural Titou Gorge characterized by warm waterfalls at its entrance. (You may recognize this spot from the film “Pirates of the Caribbean 2”!)



Historic Tour

Named Itassi by the Kalinago—the island’s first people, Vieille Case is a dynamic area rich in tradition. Set along the rugged northeast coast of the country with stunning views of the shore it is easy to understand why Dominica’s first settlers lived here. Learn about local traditions, history, swim in the sea, relax and enjoy yourself.



Snorkeling Experience

Discover the abundance of Dominica’s underwater life on this snorkeling tour at Rodney’s Rock. Go fishing or take a ride in a traditional fishing boat, handmade from the local gommier tree. After a day on the water, enjoy lunch animated by the lively sounds of a traditional music group.



Heritage Tour ~ The Kalinago

Sineku, home to the Kalinago people (the region’s first settlers), is at the southern end of the Carib Territory. Legend has it that a powerful snake came ashore here, creating L’Escalier Tete Chien (Staircase of the Snake, also reffered to as the volcanic staircase) as he brought his people to Dominica. To this day, the Kalinago continue traditions such as basket weaving, thatched roofing and traditional cooking, which visitors will have a chance to explore.



Waterfalls, Rivers & Ravines!

The Southeast is rife with many wonderful natural attractions. Hike to magnificent waterfalls such as Victoria and Sari Sari Falls. Relax on a black-sand beach while you watch for nesting turtles. Venture to Glassy Pool or Ravine Cyrique to experience Dominica’s rugged natural beauty.


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