Rancho Campeche

  • Name of Organization: Rancho Ecologico El Campeche
  • Location: El Campeche, Dominican Republic
  • Website: http://dominicantreasures.com/en/attractions/tour-packages/item/2-rancho-ecol%C3%B3gico-el-campeche.html
  • Reservations Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Phone: ++809-686-1053
  • Price range: Varies
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Rancho Ecologico El Campeche is a wilderness lover’s paradise home to a wide range of camping facilities, rustic lodging and activities aimed at bringing visitors close to the quiet calm of nature.

El Campeche invites you to stroll though the rolling hills that surround our camp, relax by the pool under dazzling skies or take part in a variety of activities that we offer for the entire family. In addition to hiking, horseback riding or wilderness exploration excursions, El Campeche boasts a number of exhibits that showcase the typical agricultural products and fauna found through out the region.

Rancho Ecologico El Campeche is firmly committed to responsible tourism and we try to incorporate both natural and cultural elements in all of our activities.  Our organization is committed to integrating the socio-cultural, natural, economic aspects of the region in a way that maximizes benefits of tourism while minimizing the negative effects.  We encourage all of our visitors to learn more about our efforts when they come stay with us.

Making a Difference:

Rancho El Campeche is deeply committed to the social sustainability of the region. One of El Campeche’s initial projects included purchasing land that will serve as a cultural and recreational space for the community, including facilities for basketball and volleyball courts, as well as a hobby shop.  In addition to recreational areas, there will also be space for cultural activities and educational training in the workshop room and the ‘green’ areas.  El Campeche holds summer camps for students, focusing on socio-cultural intervention projects for youths and raising money for school supplies.

El Campeche has preserved 24.7 acres of untouched land in order to conserve and preserve the endemic species of flora and fauna.  El Rancho invests 15% of profits back into the community and supports housing reconstruction initiatives, environmental education processes, and other community initiatives.

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