Tubagua Plantation Eco-Village

  • Name of Organization: Tubagua Plantation Eco-Village
  • Location: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
  • Website: http://dominicantreasures.com/en/attractions/tour-packages/item/5-tubagua-plantation-eco-village.html
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  • Phone: ++809-696-6932
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Tubagua Plantation Eco-Village is a 12-acre mountaintop eco-lodge with a stunning view of the Puerto Plata coast featuring “Robinson Crusoe-style” thatch-roof cabanas and panoramic vistas.

Tubagua is committed to connecting travelers to the real Dominican experience and channeling tourism dollars directly to local people and their communities while stimulating jobs and opportunity in rural areas.  This link helps enable the kind of interchanges and cultural contact between both travelers and communities that can be as enriching and educational for the visitors as they are for the local people.

In addition to our back-to-nature lodging, we offer a number of “voluntourism” opportunities with organic farming and community outreach projects, and an on-site restaurant.

Making a Difference:

Tubagua Plantation Eco-Village is committed to the local community and environment.   Tubagua hires from the area, uses manual labor instead of machines, and purchases as much locally grown produce as possible. The Village’s structures are almost all handmade, using for the most part renewable wood and roofing materials produced in the countryside. Guests often participate in the development of local schools.

Tubagua composts all food residue as fertilizer or animal feed, takes all paper garbage to a municipal dump, and lothe water from showers flows out into the fields through its own piping providing grey water irrigation or dispersal.  A natural spring on the property supplies water for both the lodge as well as over a dozen neighboring houses with running water, a resource they did not previously have.  Tubagua Village recycles as much as possible, for example, by using old tires for retaining walls, used motor oil for the preservation of wooden substructures, and thousands of wine bottles to build attractive translucent walls.  In addition, we have eliminated animal herds for cultivation and have made arrangements with neighbors to develop a number of “conucos” or garden patches to grow root plants, plantains, beans etc from which they receive 50 percent or more of the crops. Areas cleared for this we compensated by planting several thousand tree seedlings on the farm.

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