La Ruta Moskitia

la-ruta-moskitia, Central America, Honduras, Moskitia, La Ruta, bird watching, rainforest, nature, culture, hike, ruins, sustainable
  • Name of Organization: La Ruta Moskitia
  • Location: Moskitia, Northeastern Honduras
  • Website:
  • Reservations Email:: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Phone: +(504) 8976-3004 or +(504) 3391-3388
  • Price range: Varies
  • Google map coordinates: See our interactive map


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Five reasons to travel on La Ruta Moskitia



la-ruta-moskitia-view, Central America, Honduras, Moskitia, La Ruta, bird watching, rainforest, nature, culture, hike, ruins, sustainable

La Ruta Moskitia

La Moskitia is the largest tract of tropical rainforest north of the Amazon and is home to a rich variety of languages, cultures and traditions as well as an extensive range of flora and fauna. Visitors can explore the Great Pine Savanna region where they will savor views of the expansive coastal wetlands and blue sky while participating in the best bird watching experience in La Moskitia. Others may choose to visit the Rainforest Highlands, which will take them deep into La Moskitia's tropical rainforest for hikes to archeological sites and a peek at some of the world's most exotic wildlife. La Ruta Moskitia is a unique pathway to exploring this incredible area of Honduras, where travelers will discover adventures they never dreamed of.

Making a Difference:

La Ruta Moskitia is committed to sustainability and the enhancement of the surrounding indigenous communities.

All enterprises that are a part of La Ruta Moskitia are 100% community owned and operated, creating financial benefits for locals that go directly towards bolstering their economy. Through the employment of locals and the opportunity for them to sell handicrafts and homegrown products, people depend less on hunting, over fishing and extractive land practices such as slash and burn agriculture, which strengthens environmental efforts. Other conservation endeavors include using all-natural, local building materials for lodges and cabins, managing water and solid waste in an environmentally responsible manner, and working to establish ecotourism "special use" zones in the Reserve that help to protect this critical wildlife habitat.


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