San Miguel del Bala

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San Miguel del Bala is a community-based enterprise, created by the Tacana people of the San Miguel Community, perched on the banks of the tranquil Beni River.

The enterprise consists of two lodges: the San Miguel del Bala Lodge and the Caquiahuara Lodge, both nestled within one of the world's most unique and flourishing ecosystems. The seven cabins are constructed in the traditional way and offer spectacular views of the lush rainforest. Guests will enjoy their time in the quiet, comfortable hideaway observing the vast array flora and fauna that boasts over 1,000 bird species, wild deer, jaguars and much more. Visitors are also afforded incredible opportunities to discover the rich civilization of the Tacana people when they are not exploring the rainforest, providing the perfect balance of cultural exchange and immersion in nature.

Making a Difference:

San Miguel Del Bala is committed to sustainability through its efforts in economic and social responsibility as well as adhering to environmentally supportive initiatives. The lodges are all eco-friendly, built from materials gathered in the rainforest. The food used at San Miguel del Bala is locally grown and all energy consumed is solar-powered. The lodge supports the local Tacana Community by making its handcrafted and grown goods available to travelers. It also encourages visitors to interact with the indigenous community through tours of the village and volunteer opportunities.


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