La Caleta Aquatic Center

  • Name of Organization: La Caleta Aquatic Center
  • Location: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Website:
  • Reservations Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Phone: ++ 809-227-4409
  • Price range: $35-$50
  • Map coordinates: See our interactive map!



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In La Caleta, every day is an adventure. In our Marine Park there are a wide variety of incredible marine activities for everyone, including diving, snorkeling and kayaking.

As the only Marine Park in the area, La Caleta’s picturesque beaches are home to the highest water quality in the Santo Domingo region. This has resulted in a wonderful environment for divers and snorkel fanatics alike, with the excellent water quality leading to healthy and vibrant coral and marine life.

The clear turquoise water and warm weather will beckon you to come out for a full day in the sun, sand, and sea.  Just off the beach you’ll find the remains of several shipwrecks, including a Spanish Galleon called Nuestra Señora de Bergoña and a treasure hunting ship called The Hickory, which can be explored by our guests who are interested in some culture and history on top of all the tropical marine life that one can observe. Our boat drivers are experienced fisherman,  “old sea lions” that can show you all the hidden places and secrets of the underwater world awaiting you.  Our tour guides are highly trained in the history and ecology of the park, making your experience not only fun but educational as well.

Making a Difference:

The El Carey Aquatic Centre, developed by Reef Check DR, sells Diving Tours and Kayak Tours. COOPRESCA, a fisherman’s cooperative, manages the business and all of the employees are from the La Caleta neighborhood. Along with Reef Check DR, the El Carey Aquatic Center fisherman collaborate in conducting studies to monitor the health of the coral reef fish populations and water quality within the boundaries of La Caleta National Park.  The fishermen also collaborate on the surveillance of illegal extractive activities that might occur within the National Park. These conservation initiatives are part of a model of park management, under the responsibility of Reef Check DR through a Co- Management Agreement that was granted by the Ministry of Environment. This model is a valuable example to other parks in the Dominican Republic as it includes three extremely important stakeholders; the national government, the local NGO, and the local neighborhood.

La Caleta is on the outskirts of Santo Domingo, where low-income residents live. It has a population of about 70, 000 people. The community has many needs, especially in infrastructure and education.  The neighborhood is divided in sections and each of which has a community group to represent their interests. The La Caleta project donates a percentage of their annual income to fund community group projects. Local community groups are encouraged to submit project proposals and the best project is awarded funding.

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