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isabela-galapagos-walking-tours, Galapagos, south america, ecuador, isabela, island, walking, tour, tropic, small groups, nature, sustainable









isabela-walking-tour, Galapagos, south america, ecuador, isabela, island, walking, tour, tropic, small groups, nature, sustainable

Isabela is roughly four times the size of the next largest island, Santa Cruz, yet of a total Galapagos population of some 20,000, only 2,200 people live on this enchanted island.

Isabela is the only island of the chain that straddles the equatorial line, and on this one island travelers will find over 60% of the flora and fauna to be seen throughout the entire archipelago. Among Isabela's attractions visitors will find five active volcanoes, the most extensive wetland on the archipelago (internationally recognized as an important wetland), a Galapagos tortoise nursery designed to ensure the survival of these marvelous giant creatures, and a three-kilometer-long sparkling white sand beach for those moments when relaxing is the order of the day. You'll also have the option of trekking on lava fields, swimming with white tip reef sharks, snorkeling with sea turtles, kayaking among flamingos…and all this in the surroundings of a quiet, relaxed community, where stress is virtually unknown.

Making A Difference

All service suppliers are vetted to make sure that they are also environmentally aware and promote minimum resource use. The local community is encouraged to maintain all destinations in their natural state while tourist groups, supervised by local guides, are encouraged to 'step lightly'. To minimize our environmental impact, tour group sizes are kept purposefully low.

The local community of Isabela directly benefits from the walking tour experience through employment as nature guides and in the hospitality industry on the island. Interaction and cultural exchange between travelers and the community is a fundamental feature of this journey to experience the environment and people of Isabela Island.

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